Gaziantep Castle Destroyed

Gaziantep Castle Destroyed After The Earthquake

Historical monuments were also damaged in the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık center and were felt in many surrounding cities.

The historical Gaziantep Castle, one of the symbols of the city, which was built on a hill in the center of Gaziantep, was partially destroyed in the earthquake.

It was determined that the bastion in the southeast of the castle and the strip around it were damaged.

It is known that the castle was used for observation purposes during the Roman period. It is also among the information obtained that the castle has been restored many times throughout its history and took its final form with a restoration in the early 2000s.


Source: AA

DONATION: Thousands of people are still under the rubble. Moreover, adverse weather conditions make it difficult to organize and help in the region. If you decide to donate, you can do it via AHBAP, which is one of the most active voluntary networks and active in the affected regions. 

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