Turkey's Treasures on Google Arts & Culture

“Turkey’s Treasures”: A Digital Collection Unveiled on Google Arts & Culture

Google Turkey, in collaboration with the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has announced the launch of “Turkey’s Treasures”, a digital collection on the Google Arts & Culture platform.

This initiative showcases the rich cultural and culinary heritage of Turkey, with content provided by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage and Museums and the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, the collection highlights historical artifacts, archaeological sites, arts and crafts, and culinary traditions, both well-known and hidden. It comprises over 70 stories, written and visual content, a documentary series of 10 videos, and 17 new “Street View” recordings from Turkey.

The collection was introduced at a press conference attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. He emphasized the importance of diversifying Turkey’s tourism offerings and promoting its cultural and historical assets globally. Google Turkey’s Country Director, Mehmet Keteloğlu, expressed pride in presenting Turkey’s values on an international platform, especially during the country’s centennial celebrations.

The digital collection also features a documentary series by renowned British historian and documentary filmmaker, Bettany Hughes. The series covers a range of topics, from the legacy of Mevlana and the legends of Troy to the art of the Ottoman tiles and carpets. Hughes expressed the challenge of selecting just ten topics from Turkey’s vast cultural heritage but was grateful for the collaboration and support from various Turkish institutions.

Additionally, the collection highlights Turkey’s rich culinary traditions, from traditional Turkish breakfasts to delicious stuffed dishes and the culture of tea and Turkish coffee. These contents will be available in both Turkish and English on the Google Arts & Culture page.

The integration of archaeological sites and museums with Google Street View technology has also been completed. Notable sites such as the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, Göbeklitepe, and the Troy Museum are now digitally accessible.

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