ONYX Hospitality Group shares its environmental best practice on World Environment Day 2014

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

ONYX Hospitality Group’s Second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report highlights a number of key achievements including the group’s conscientious effort to reduce the levels of energy consumed throughout its hotel operations.

amari-vogue-belliniAligning its values and business practises with responsibility towards the environment and the society within areas where the group’s properties operate, ONYX strives towards being an accountable and sustainable hospitality provider. In the latest CSR report, covering the period from July 2012 to December 2013, a number of achievements on managing the group’s social and environmental impacts are highlighted.

Commenting on the report, Peter Henley, President and CEO, ONYX Hospitality Group said, “Through the CSR report we are able to examine all areas of our CSR impact and also develop strategies for future advancement. The latest report illustrates the increased emphasis we are putting on reducing our environmental impact. We are conscious of the adverse influence the hospitality industry has and we encourage all of our properties to be good stewards of their natural resources, striving to ensure that all negative impacts of their operations are managed. In Thailand, we partner with CSR Together, a program designed to encourage companies to reduce the usage of energy, water and chemicals. Together we are working hard to reinforce our commitment to protect the environment in several areas of our hotel operations, especially through energy, chemical and water reduction. We acknowledge that we can do more to integrate sustainability into the core of our business so it will be a key priority for us as we strive to meet our target of becoming a leading Asian hospitality provider by 2018.”

Environmental protection and conservation

First introduced in 2010, ONYX’s 20/20 Green Vision is a ten-year plan to progressively rethink how to reduce the ecological footprint created by the group’s hotel operations. ONYX’s 'green' standard practises are employed across all properties with initiatives that include introducing and promoting 'green' values and practises amongst team members and guests, raising awareness on environmental issues through community activities such as beach and street cleanings, as well as essay and painting competitions. Another initiative known as Plan BEE, which first launched in 2013, has allowed ONYX to diversify its support of the Asian honeybee with a new rural beekeeping project. Plan BEE honey products will be introduced to ONYX properties for use in hotel restaurants and Breeze spas as a supply chain initiative that will also support the community and help sustain the project.

Water and other resources

In order to reduce water usage, in 2013 water recycling plants were installed at Amari Boulevard Bangkok, Amari Pattaya and Amari Hua Hin. In 2014, Amari Watergate Bangkok and Amari Palm Reef Samui will also follow suit. It is estimated that the plan at Amari Watergate will save the hotel 100,000 litres of water per day. In addition, ONYX properties have also implemented initiatives to reduce unnecessary washing of towels and linens, decrease paper consumption and also cut down on the use of plastic bottled drinking water by switching to drinking water in reusable glass bottles in guestrooms in Thailand. ONYX is planning to implement the replacement of the glass bottle programme throughout the group in 2014.


The hospitality industry uses substantial amounts of energy for providing comfort and services to its guests. ONYX has been taking a number of steps to reduce the group’s energy consumption, including investing in more energy efficient equipment. These steps produced tremendous improvements in 2013, where the end of the year results showed that whilst ONYX generated significantly more room nights than at the same point in 2012, they still managed as a group to reduce the amount of electricity used by 4 million units. This resulted in the carbon footprint per occupied room night falling by more than 6.8% (over 2.2 million kg of carbon).

The ONYX Hospitality Group CSR Report was prepared based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Framework. It complies with the GRI G3.1 application level “C” criteria.

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