Dubai the “hotel capital” of the world: The 634 existing hotels (with 88,680 rooms) increased in the first half the sales by 10.9 in the first half to 3.18 billion dollars.

Dubai-Aerial-ExcursionsAt the same time 77 new top hotels are in the pipeline. This data has been revealed by a hotel market study of TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider of b2b hotel data.

More and more families are travelling to Dubai. In the first six months of the year, 5.8 million visitors were registered at the hotels. The ten most important source markets for tourism are: Saudi Arabia, India, UK, USA, Russia, China, Iran, Oman, Kuwait and Germany. Guests are staying 3.9 days in average. In the past year, eleven million visitors were visiting Dubai.

In the future, the tourist offer will be further expanded. Dubai itself targets 20 million visitors per year. This year 30 new hotels and apartment complexes were added with approximately 7,000 beds. In addition, the city will further back on events such as concerts and festivals.