Budget hotels in Miami disappoint travelers

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

miami 2star hotelTravelers who decide to book a budget hotel in Miami have a high risk of being disappointed, according to a recent hotel survey. The survey studied 2-star hotels in 30 destinations in the USA and found out the highest- and lowest-ranked destinations based on the quality of their budget hotels.

The survey from compiled hotel ratings awarded by guests, after their stay, on the hotel booking site Expedia over the past year. These ratings, which run from 1 to 5, were then categorized into positive (4 or 5), neutral (3) or negative (1 or 2).

In Miami, 34% of budget hotel clients have been disappointed with their hotel stay and in response have awarded the establishment a negative rating. That’s by far the highest disapproval rating of all destinations considered. For comparison, in Las Vegas, which ranks penultimate on the survey, 25% of all reviews have been negative.

On the other end of the spectrum, Seattle's budget hotels have achieved the best ratings. In the Emerald City, 62% of all visitors have been happy with their hotel, 20% have awarded their stay at least a neutral review and only 17% of the customers have been disappointed. Also on the top-rated podium are Denver and Baltimore. Both cities achieved 60% positive reviews.

The following table compares 30 destinations in the USA based on the quality of their budget hotels. The numbers indicated reflect which percentages of the hotel reviews over the last year have been positive, neutral or negative.

  1. Seattle 62/20/17
  2. Denver 60/23/17
  3. Baltimore 60/22/18
  4. Indianapolis 58/25/17
  5. Houston 58/24/18
  6. Dallas 57/26/17
  7. New Orleans 57/25/18
  8. Columbus 56/26/18
  9. Charlotte 56/26/18
  10. Milwaukee 56/25/19
  11. New York 55/26/19
  12. Chicago 55/24/21
  13. San Francisco 54/26/20
  14. Boston 54/25/21
  15. Philadelphia 53/27/20
  16. Memphis 53/27/20
  17. Nashville 52/28/20
  18. San Diego 52/27/21
  19. San Antonio 51/29/20
  20. Phoenix 51/28/21
  21. Portland 50/30/20
  22. Kansas City 49/32/19
  23. Albuquerque 48/32/20
  24. Austin 48/31/21
  25. Washington 47/32/21
  26. Orlando 47/31/22
  27. Atlanta 46/32/22
  28. Los Angeles 46/31/23
  29. Las Vegas 45/30/25
  30. Miami 37/29/34

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