london telAccording to the preliminary results from the forthcoming European Cities Benchmarking Report, London’s hotels and other accommodation recorded over 56 million overnight stays last year, more than any other city in Europe. London with over 41million overnight stays from international tourists proved that the city remains open to visitors from all over the world.

Paris had the second most number of overnight stays followed by Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Vienna, Munich and Amsterdam. The top performing cities in terms of total number of bednights did not change in comparison to the previous year, except that Amsterdam replaced Stockholm in the top 10 list. London had the highest number of bednights in 2016 with a 7.3% increase, followed by Paris (-9.5%), Berlin (+2.7%), and Rome (+1.9%). Barcelona (+8.5%), Amsterdam (+6.6%), and Madrid (+6.4%) had the highest growth rates (excluding London).

For international bednights the list of the cities is the same, however the rankings differ. London (+1.3%) and Paris (-12.9%) are the top two cities with the highest number of international bednights. The decrease in growth in Paris can be seen both in total and international bednights, which shows that although the numbers are decreasing, Paris is still one of the main city destinations in Europe. The Spanish cities of Barcelona (+7.5%) and Madrid (+9.4%) had the highest growth in the top 10 list.

European cities continued their growth with a 3.6% increase in 2016 in total bednights compared to 2015. For the first time in recent years, domestic bednights (6.0%) grew more than international bednights (2.3%). The preliminary data feature results from 62 out of 121 cities, representing a total of 389.9 million bednights.

Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business, said: “These sensational figures show London’s enduring appeal as one of the most popular international destinations. With our world-class sport, culture, art, history and architecture, it is not surprising that visitors continue to flock to the capital, proving that London is open to people from all four corners of the world.”