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KAI Sengokuhara: The Hotel where Art Meets Traditional Japanese Inn

The Japanese have a name for coming up with innovative ideas and realizing them in an uncanny successful nature. Recently, they have made a crossover between traditional Japanese inn and a modern art gallery- as the result, we have a trendy new venture headed by Hoshino Resorts which is set to be the world’s first art based hot spring water ryokan.

KAI Sengokuhara

The KAI Sengokuhara is to open at the end of July and has caused a buzz among the travelers.

The hotel will have exclusive hot spring pools in all 16 rooms that are planned. The baths will be located outdoors on the terrace and the water is derived from the popular Owakudani volcanic valley. The hot spring water has many therapeutic benefits like healing pain, skin diseases and so on. It is surely going to be an experience in itself when it comes to playing your favorite rivers casino bonus code 2018 game.

What Can You Expect?

The new luxurious resort will be located in Hakone district in Tokyo. This is going to be the 15th property operated by the group and the second KAI property in Hakone. It is just near the Hakone Gora area and situated 700m above in the beautiful mountain landscape. The area falls under the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and is a protected area. You can also enjoy the quaint countryside and take long walks into the evening.

The hotel and rooms will have creative art pieces and installations crafted by residential and international artists. The guests staying at the property will also be able to hone their creative side by taking part in artistic activities. The hotel is made from locally collected materials which complete the feel of the art hotel. You can find a generous use of wood, muted tones, glass walls and the different shades of stone which fit in beautifully.

How Soon can You Reach It?

Looking to make way to the hotel from the airport?

The property can be reached in two hours in a car from Tokyo. Foreign guests will not have any trouble as the English speaking staff will be provided round the clock. There is also a library that has books on the area’s geography, culture, history, and crafts. You will also be amazed at the water gardens around the hotel which is a visual delight.

The Hotel will serve authentic Japanese dishes and feature the taste and smell of vegetables and fishes sourced locally from the mountain and ocean. The cutlery, dishes, plates and other items will also be artistic keeping in tune with the theme of the hotel. Guests will also be able to stay in Signature Rooms which are specially created by resident artists and are work of arts in themselves. You can even visit the hillsides which have numerous museums and galleries on Japanese culture such as Pola Museum of Art and Hakone Open Air Museum.

The KAI Sengokuhara is set to open on 27 July amidst much fanfare and soon to become a traveler’s destination.