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The Best Places in the Riviera Maya to Visit on your Summer Vacation

Playa Del Carmen

The Riviera Maya is a beautiful place to visit and with an incredible history and stunning sand-filled beaches, it’s no wonder people love to come on vacation here.

The exclusive Riviera Maya homes for rent, wonderful local foods and friendly people are more reasons why you should visit the area. But where should you visit? Should you spend your time at the beach or should you take time out to visit some of the areas best towns and cities? We think you should, so read on and find out why:


One of the last walled cities built by the ancient Mayans the ruins can be found on the cliff top. Tulum is not just famous for its ruins but it’s also well-known for attracting surfers thanks to the awesome waves that the sea provides. This very stylish city is popular with those who love the hippy culture and anyone who loves good food. Tulum is nothing short of vibrant and is well worth a visit if you want to go somewhere special. You may also want to visit Tulum for its excellent restaurants, some of which have an ever-changing menu but only ever serve up locally caught fish. Delicious.


Found between Tulum and Playa del Carmen sits a wonderful beach front town. Akumal which can be translated as the ‘Place of turtles’ is the ideal location if you’d like to spot hundreds of sea turtles lay eggs. What’s more is you will also have the chance to scuba dive in the beautiful blue waters and spot a few coral reefs and tropical fish. Alternatively, if you would like to stay on land you can always hike to the caves and explore all that they have to offer at Aktunachen National Park.

Playa del Carmen

One of the most popular places to visit in the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is such a beautiful coastal town that it just needed to be added to the list. With a very relaxed environment, you can let all of your cares drift away as you make your way up Quinta Avenida which goes on for an impressive 20 blocks.

Located right in the centre of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is the perfect base for you to start your explorations. Make your way ‘round to the historic ruins and enjoy a stroll along the beach.

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras is a beautiful tourist community that is home to some private white sanded beaches and marinas. If you can visit the area while you’re in the Riviera Maya you may want to think about renting a catamaran and heading out on the water. Alternatively, you may decide to swim with a few dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery Center. For those of you who are happy to keep your feet firmly on solid ground why not enjoy a round of golf in the jungle (You read that right). This part of the Riviera Maya is worth a visit as it’s home to some amazing beaches, white sands and tennis courts. There are also a few Mayan ruins that are worth checking out as they add something special to the area.


The mysterious city of Cobá is home to 5 cenotes (A sink hole or pit that has collapsed and exposes groundwater). Cobá translates as ‘Muddy waters’ and is a fascinating archaeological site which is definitely worth a visit. Paved stone causeways that once connected a few Mayan cities are simply wonderful to see and the Nohoch Mul pyramid is a must-visit destination. If you would like to visit a part of the Riviera Maya that does not attract a lot of tourists (Yet) you need to visit Cobá and enjoy its beauty and tranquillity.

Sian Ka’an

Otherwise known as ‘The place where the sky is born’, Sian Ka’an is an incredibly beautiful place. In this protected reserve you will have the chance to see more than 800 plants species and more than 300 different animals. While the area is somewhat off the beaten track for a lot of tourists if you do decide to visit you will feel as If you have the whole area to yourself.

If you care about the environment then you must visit Sian Ka’an. There are a few private tours available and they are well worth the money you’ll pay for them. A UNESCO world heritage site and 2 hours south of Cancun, Sian Ka’an is unlike anywhere else in Mexico or indeed the world.

The Riviera Maya is a wonderful place to go on vacation. With so much to offer every visitor, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to spend some time here. Visit Tulum, the last walled city built by the ancient Mayans and sample some of the local dishes. Spend a day at Akumal and watch many sea turtles lay their eggs. Next on the agenda is a visit to Playa del Carmen, a beautiful and relaxed coastal town. Puerto Aventuras needs to be on your list of must-visit destinations where you can dive with friendly dolphins. Don’t forget to make your way to the mysterious city of Cobá that is nothing short of breathtaking. Finally, make your way to Sian Ka’an where you’ll see so many different plants and animals in their protected environment.

The Riviera Maya is an amazing place to visit so book your vacation today and get ready to have the time of your life.