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Revolutionary Vietnamese Food and Hospitality Project Underway in Hoi An

Wafaifo Resort leaders

Hoi An, the heritage city in central Vietnam, is set to challenge traditional notions of Vietnamese cuisine and hospitality with an ambitious new project.

The Wafaifo Resort, currently under construction, aims to redefine the dining and leisure experience in central Vietnam by appointing esteemed international celebrity chef Andrew Joyce and renowned Vietnamese designer Le Ha Hoang to create a series of contemporary food, beverage, and lifestyle experiences for the boutique urban resort.

The owners of the Wafaifo Resort, Hoi An, have set out a creative vision to elevate the resort and make it a centerpiece of central Vietnam’s culinary scene. Pieter van der Hoeven, the Managing Director of Wafaifo Hospitality, explains, “We are a proud, modern Hoi An community brand that strongly believes in the de-commodification of the hotel sector. What Andrew and Le Ha are hatching is, I’d say, revolutionary in terms of hospitality in central Vietnam.”



Andrew Joyce, the former international celebrity chef and founder of B&B Ideas Group, brings his extensive experience and expertise to the project. Drawing on his 18 years of international F&B leadership and creativity in the Middle East, Joyce aims to give central Vietnamese motifs, designs, menus, and service standards a contemporary twist. The outlets at Wafaifo, including the Swim City pool bar, the all-day dining long bar with a DJ booth, the lobby coffee and retail area, the signature Vietnamese restaurant, and the meeting and event spaces, are being independently designed as unique standalone leisure experiences.

“The unique outlets at the Wafaifo will have a design and feel wow factor unlike anything else between Saigon and Hanoi,” says Joyce, highlighting the innovative approach taken by the project.



In addition to the contemporary design elements, the resort will also showcase local products and flavors from central Vietnam. Visitors can look forward to enjoying Vietnamese robusta and arabica coffees from supplier Folliet, indulging in chocolates and bonbonerie from Savall’s in Danang, dining on Dong Gia chinaware, and experiencing locally-designed and made staff uniforms.

To bring these ideas to life, Joyce is collaborating with Le Ha Hoang, an acclaimed Vietnamese architect. With over 15 years of experience in lighting design and architecture in Germany and the UK, combined with his knowledge of Vietnam, Le Ha is well-equipped to create a modern interpretation of Hoi An’s rich heritage. He has previously worked on remarkable projects such as the interior design of the Vietage Vietnamese luxury train carriage and the Yugen Japanese cocktail bar and Hanoia concept store in Saigon.

“While Hoi An as a heritage city looks backwards,” says Le Ha, “at Wafaifo, we are reinterpreting its history in a bold, modern way.” This unique approach is expected to captivate visitors and redefine their perceptions of Vietnamese food, drink, and hospitality.

The Wafaifo Resort, Hoi An, is set to open its doors to guests in July 2024. Conveniently located just a five-minute walk from the UNESCO heritage attractions in the city, the resort is easily accessible, with Danang international airport located just 30 minutes away by car.

The establishment of Wafaifo Resort marks a significant step forward in central Vietnam’s hospitality industry. With its groundbreaking approach to design, cuisine, and service, the resort aims to showcase the best of Vietnamese culture in a contemporary and enticing manner. Visitors can anticipate a truly unforgettable experience that redefines preconceived notions about Vietnamese food, drink, and hospitality in the mesmerizing city of Hoi An.


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