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berlin at nightsThis news is important for millennials who dream to live in another city. A new study reveals the top 110 cities for millennials in 2018, based on factors such as startup ecosystem, housing affordability, immigration tolerance and quality of nightlife.

airbnb newlogoOver the years the types of properties on Airbnb have become increasingly diverse from treehouses to boutique hotels but it’s still only possible to navigate by 3 property types – Shared Space, Private Room and Entire Home. This makes it hard for hosts to stand out and guests can’t always find what they’re looking for. Now the platform announced 4 new property types.

First came Paris...then Marseille, from there to Lyon, Bordeaux, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro...and now Mama Shelter will officially open its newest hotel in Belgrade March 8.

Mama Shelter Belgrade Bedroom




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