Where Brits fly this February? Top tips to keep children happy during flight

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More than one and a half million people are expected to travel with British Airways this February half-term as sunshine-starved Brits take a break from the February freeze. The busiest days for air travel are on Friday, February 13 and returning on Sunday, February 22, with over 120,000 people travelling on each date with the airline.

The most popular long-haul holiday hotspots for British Airways customers and families looking to get away and relax this half-term are Orlando, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles and Tampa. The top places for short-haul breaks are Rome, Barcelona, Tenerife, Malta and Fuerteventura.

Stephen Humphreys, British Airways’ head of UK&I sales and marketing, said: “The half-term holiday, whether it’s a long-haul flight to the sun or a quick city break to Europe, is becoming more popular each passing year, and 2015 is no exception.

“British Airways has plenty of places to choose from to escape the chilly winter weather so families can jet off and enjoy some quality time together.”

But before reaching their destination, many parents worry how their children will cope on a flight, with British Airways research* revealing that 60 per cent of parents feared they would be unable to keep their child occupied for longer than 30 minutes.

The airline conducted a social experiment, where scientist and TV personality Dr Robert Winston observed which toys kept youngsters most occupied during a flight.

Top tips from British Airways to keep children and parents alike, happy include:

  1. Carry you children’s favorite food with you in a sealed container – but remember British Airways does carry a selection of baby food on board and cabin crew can warm it up.
  2. Download plenty of games for your children to play on your tablet or smartphone – you can also let them watch the dedicated kids TV channel on long-haul flights
  3. Keep kids occupied and entertained by letting them play with the goodies in their Skyflyer activity packs (given to children on all flights over two hours long from Heathrow and Gatwick).
  4. Pack socks for children to wear during the flight. They will always sleep better with warm feet.
  5. Before you fly, pre-order a special meal, such as Kosher, Vegetarian, or Vegan, so you get served first. British Airways also has a feed children first policy so they’re happy eating their meal while you’re waiting for yours.
  6. Pack less than you think you need – you can always buy items at your destination.
  7. Put everyone’s swim wear in hand luggage so you can slip into it and head straight to the beach or the pool when you arrive. Pack a sarong if your beach towel is taking up precious space.
  8. Make sure you’re all wearing loose fitting clothes to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible – especially during a long flight.
  9. Keep everyone hydrated by drinking plenty of water and soft drinks and use moisturiser to keep skin supple.
  10. Overcome your jetlag on arrival by synching your sleeping pattern with the new time zone as soon as you can once you board.

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