Embraer Projects 6,350 New Jet Deliveries

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Embraer Legacy450

Embraer has released its 2015-2034 Market Outlook, which details forecasted deliveries of new aircraft over the next twenty years. The report focuses on the 70 to 130-seat capacity category which is valued at US$300 billion during that period.  Embraer projects deliveries of 6,350 jets - 2,250 units in the 70 to 90-seat segment and 4,100 units in the 90 to 130-seat segment.

The 70 to 130-seat jet world fleet-in-service will increase from 2,590 aircraft in 2014 to 6,490 by 2034, the fastest growing among all aircraft seat segments.  Replacement of ageing aircraft will represent 39% of new deliveries and 61% will represent market growth. 

70 to 130-Seat Jet Deliveries – Market Forecast by Region

Region Deliveries Share
North America 2,060 32%
Europe 1,160 18%
China 1,020 16%
Latin America 720 11%
Asia Pacific 550 9%
CIS 380 6%
Africa 240 4%
Middle East 220 4%
World (2015-2034) 6,350  

The capacity discipline strategy followed by North American carriers has proven to be very effective in generating higher profits. As airlines become more attractive to investors, Embraer also sees a shift in the main business goals from unit cost and market share to unit profit and return on investment.

“Right-sized aircraft can regularly generate higher revenue and profit per seat since they have fewer available seats allocated for low-fare passengers. High efficiency of assets is essential to sound financial performance. Those attributes — combined with hub-and-spoke efficiency, narrow-body aircraft complement and new market development — will generate significant demand for new aircraft in the segment”, explained Paulo Cesar Silva, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation.

Worldwide demand for air transport, measured by revenue passenger kilometers, will increase 2.6 fold at an average of 4.9% annually through 2034. China and the Middle East will be the fastest-growing markets with an average annual RPK growth rate of around 7.0%, followed by the emerging regions of Latin America with 5.9%, Africa with 5.4%, Asia Pacific and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with around 5.0% and the mature markets of Europe and North America with 3.9% and 2.7%, respectively.


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