maldives debris2

Maldivian police are responding to several sightings of debris washed up along the northern atolls of the archipelago, some of which occurred about a month ago, but were only brought to the attention of authorities recently after a flaperon from MH370 was discovered at the Reunion Island.

An object similar to the two-metre long “flaperon” wing fragment was found on the beaches at the honeymoon resort Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru in the Maldives, according to a local newspaper. The item was reportedly found in May, and is being analysed.

A Maldives Police Service spokesman told Chinese news agency Xinhua that a police team, along with aviation experts, is investigating the piece of suspected plane debris.

maldives debris

Local media reports say the piece is probably a plane part and is about 18cm long. But experts urge others to exercise caution over the mysterious debris found, saying it was not clear whether the part was from a Boeing 777.

THERE is no way debris being found in the Maldives could be from MH370 if the flaperon found on Reunion Island is definitely from the missing aircraft, said University of Western Australia oceanography expert Charitha Pattiaratchi.

“If the debris originated from where we’re talking about in the southern hemisphere, none of it actually goes northwards,” said Prof Pattiaratchi.

“It can’t cross the hemispheres because of the wind and the current patterns.”

What if MH370 flew over Maldives to south?


Pictures: Facebook/modrindo