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Which country has the highest number of business jets in Europe?

A new research about the business jet market reveals that around 452 mid to heavy private jets were delivered to Europe between 2012 and 2016, with a combined value estimated at around US$22.6 billion. These aircrafts typically cost between $25 million and $75 million each, and up to 80% of the funding used to purchase these is sourced through external financing.

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The research from Global Jet Capital says that the largest number of deliveries was to Germany, which purchased 64 business jets at an estimated cost of $3.2 billion. This accounted for 14% of all deliveries to the region over the past five years.

This was followed by the UK (54 deliveries), Switzerland and Austria (32 deliveries each) and Russia (30 deliveries).

Global Jet Capital is seeing growing interest for business aviation finance in Europe. 

Matthias Müller, European Sales Director, Global Jet Capital, said: “Between 2015 and 2025, the European business jet fleet is expected to nearly double in size(2).  It is expected to see fleet compound annual growth of around 7% and it will remain the second largest market for business aircraft in the world.(2)  

 “Europe is a very important market for us and one where we expect to see our business grow substantially over the next few years.”

Graeme Shanks, Northern Europe Sales Director, Global Jet Capital added: “It’s important to acknowledge there are significant differences between the business aviation markets of European countries. Some are more developed than others, and this has implications for the type of financing that will considered by clients in each market.”      

Country Mid and heavy jets deliveries, 2012-2016 Percentage of deliveries Europe

Estimated value of deliveries, 2012-2016

Estimated valued (US$m)

Germany 64 14% 3.2 billion
UK 54 12% 2.7 billion
Austria 32 7% 1.6 billion
Switzerland 32 7% 1.6 billion
Russia 30 6.6% 1.5 billion
France 24 5% 1.2 billion
Portugal 19 4% 950 million
Belgium 13 3% 650 million
Spain 11 2% 550 million
Italy 7 1.5% 350 million
Rest of Europe 166 37% 8.3 billion
All Europe 452 - 22.6 billion