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Travelers can now experience how a day is at Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport now offers a multimedia experience space together with Thomas Brezina, the internationally well-known author of children’s books and TV star. In four stations, visitors experience all aspects involved in aviation from unusual angles, and find out everything about airport operations, air traffic control, job descriptions and much more.

vienna airport multimedia experience

Experience the landing approach from a cockpit perspective, undergo the process of baggage logistics on a conveyor belt and enjoy the view from the airport tower: these attractions and much more is offered by the new world of experience for visitors at Vienna Airport.

The new world of experience known as “Visitors World” is now open. “Flying inspires people across generations. In particular, a complex place such as an airport often raises many questions. We are pleased to have created an offering for visitors in cooperation with Thomas Brezina which will enable both our older and younger guests to enjoy a revealing look behind the scenes”, explains Günther Ofner and Julian Jäger, Members of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG.

More than 280 guests experienced the entire visitor offering at Vienna Airport today free of charge. The new experience space was opened by the two Management Board members Günther Ofner and Julian Jäger as well as Thomas Brezina. The well-known author of children’s books and TV star was also available at the beginning to give autographs.

On an area covering more than 600 m², the four multimedia experience pavilions were set up to make aviation a more tangible experience from new and previously unknown perspectives for older and younger guests.

The Cockpit Pavilion

Visitors can go into a large replica of a cockpit to experience a real sightseeing flight with takeoff and landing at Vienna Airport from the pilot’s perspective. A high-resolution 180-degree screen installation ensure photorealistic and spectacular impressions.

The Suitcase Pavilion

The Suitcase Pavilion shows what happens to baggage behind the check-in counter after baggage check-in. In an entertaining video installation from the point of view of a piece of luggage, the visitors “pass through” the baggage sorting facility at Vienna Airport with a length of fourteen kilometres - from the check-in counter to countless tilt tray sorters, security checks and loading onto the aircraft.

The Tower Pavilion

Visitors can learn to understand how the airport looks from the perspective of the air traffic controllers in the Tower Pavilion. In an exciting multimedia installation, guests experience the far-reaching view from the tower cab or visual control room and find out how coordinating air traffic in the air, regulating flights over the country’s airspace and air traffic control all work.

The 24-Hour Pavilion

The fact that Vienna Airport never sleeps is evident in the 24-Hour Pavilion. An entertaining, large-format video report presents the lively, continuous operations at the airport, including spectacular time-lapse recordings, day and night shots and interesting facts.  

Expansion of the visitor offering at Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport has expanded its existing offering for visitors thanks to the new experience space:

A tour of the airport takes guests around the airport in a very modern bus in an approximately 50-minute tour across the airport apron. At the beginning of the tour, at the Visitors World terminal behind Terminal 1, the participants will find out interesting facts about the topics of aviation and the environment, the dialogue carried out with surrounding communities and neighbouring residents, and the Dialogue Forum. During the tour, the participants will experience aircraft handling, starts and landings, large hangar halls, the General Aviation Center with luxurious private jets and much more from close proximity. Special tours will take visitors to the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger jet, the airport fire brigade and special highlights such as the legendary Breitling DC3, one of the prettiest historical aircraft in the world.

The Visitors Terrace on the roof of Terminal 3 gives people breathtaking, far-reaching views of the airport apron on an area of 1,800 m². Aviation enthusiasts can expect an unrestricted view and photo opportunities of starts and landings on both runways, aircraft handling of an Airbus A380 r Boeing 787 Dreamliner from close proximity and the lively airport operations on the apron.

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