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Thai low-cost carrier to fly new destinations in mainland China

Nok Air, Thailand’s low-cost carrier is planning regional expansion over the next few months by adding new destinations in mainland China which will be operating from Phuket International Airport, Thailand.

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Mr. Rick Anderson, Vice President of Northeast Asia Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said “Boeing has been working closely with Nok Air for many years. We are committed to supporting Nok Air as they continue to expand their network and open into new markets. By working together, we will further increase the 737’s efficiency and reliability to enable Nok Air to continue providing its customers with high-quality service and the best flying experience.”

Nok Air is currently working with the Boeing Company to extend the range of its B737-800 fleet by approximately 900 nautical miles for the same payload versus the existing capabilities in same configurations. This boost in aircraft performance will enable the Nok Air to expand further into China and other regional routes. The enhancement would encompass newly delivered aircraft from Boeing’s factory in Seattle.

In addition, the Boeing Company is also working closely with Nok Air to prepare its entry into service for the ultra-efficient 737MAX8 that Nok Air has on order with the Boeing Company.

Nok Air currently operates on average 40 charter flights per week to almost 20 cities in China, flying from four key airports including Don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and recently from U-Tapao. With a higher maximum take-off weight, the airline will be able to fly longer under the upgraded maximum take-off weight by the end of October 2017, thus improving revenues.

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