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Royal Jordanian offers multi-currency pricing

royal jordanianRoyal Jordanian customers can now purchase their online air tickets and services in as many as 150 currencies thanks to a feature available online that enables the airline to set prices in currencies that local and international customers know and feel more comfortable with.

The feature is now available on and RJ mobile App. Moreover, the airline also gives its customers various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Real-time Banking, Alipay, e-fawateercom and other options.

resident/CEO Stefan Pichler commented: “We are expanding our e-services to our customers for enhanced online shopping experience. With the multi-currency pricing (MPC), we now offer cardholders the convenience to shop, view prices and pay in the currency of their choice.

“The MPC allows our valuable guests to make confident buying decisions by knowing the final cost of the ticket or service they wish to purchase, with a guarantee of no surprises. This means that the amount our customers pay in their home currency matches their credit card statement amount.

“This is great news for our Jordanian customers in particular, thanks to the multi-currency service that will give them the advantage of processing their payments in Jordanian dinars through the different methods of payments applicable, regardless of the city of departure.”

He added: “The MCP solution helps RJ expand into the global marketplace with greater incentives for international browsers to choose us for their next purchase. It will also maximize the effectiveness of our global sales promotions that we are currently executing on our route network.”

This compelling feature is also bound to reduce customers’ complaints related to online sales and chargebacks.

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