On Friday May 25th, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, along with other top officials, inaugurated the newest terminal at the Acapulco international airport, also known as General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport.

acapulco airport expansion

The newly expanded International Airport, with airport code ACA, will allow the iconic beach resort to welcome a growing numbers of visitors; it has a capacity for handling 1.3 million passengers.

Among the most noticeable aspects of the new airport expansion is its vast size: it is now 19,000 square meters or 204,514 square feet in area, an increase of 7,000 square meters or 75,347 square feet over the old airport. The new terminal features an eco-conscious design that aims at reducing environmental safety, while the latest in airport technology enhances the experience and security of travelers to Acapulco. The airport customs stations are equipped with state-of-the-art scanner machines and a traffic light system for reviewing suitcases and other material; QR codes for migration and passport scanners; and a Health Service for inspecting imported and exported foods. Additionally, the airport has an isolation room for international health cases.

acapulco airport expansion2

Visitors are now also greeted with an expanded array of restaurants, cafes and artisan shops to buy locally made Mexican crafts, as well a selection of stores selling liquors, wines and other alcoholic beverages. The modern construction also takes in the latest advances in earthquake and hurricane resistance.

“The expansion of Acapulco’s International Airport has made flying to the world’s premier beach resort more convenient than ever,” said Pedro Haces, president of the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office. “Our visitor numbers have been growing, with travelers coming to see new amenities like the XTASEA, the world’s longest overwater zipline, and experience our gracious hospitality, cuisine and nightlife and our luxury hotels with views to the Pacific Ocean.”

Approximately 1,367,530 tourists visited Acapulco in 2017, an increase of 117,530 tourists over 2016. The airport’s expansion is just one component of how the resort continues to modernize as it welcomes growing numbers of national and international tourists. The world-class increase in size, amenities and modern security enhancements ensure that the flow of passengers will be improved and the movement through the airport will be more efficient for travelers heading to this warm weather Pacific beach paradise in the Mexican state of Guerrero for years into the future.