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JetBlue and Air New Zealand form technology partnership

air new zealandJetBlue Technology Ventures and Air New Zealand announced an International Innovation Partnership to build an internationally recognized technology innovation ecosystem that will seek out, partner and implement emerging technologies in the travel sector.

For JetBlue Technology Ventures, the International Innovation Partnership will expand the opportunities for existing and potential portfolio companies, as well as other startup partners. For Air New Zealand, the partnership will offer early access to emerging technologies as well as an entrance into the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem. Together the two companies, along with future partners, will build a network to better address changes coming to the travel industry as well as improve efficiencies within the existing infrastructure.

“Air New Zealand has a proud history of product innovation and we’re thrilled to be at the center of the immense commercial and customer experience opportunities emerging from the intersection of technology and travel,” said Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand, “As one of the most innovative airlines globally, Air New Zealand has a proud reputation for nimbly being able to seize opportunities and take these to market. We have been growing a terrific ecosystem of global partners as we seek to redefine the future of air travel. Partnering with JetBlue Technology Ventures is an important step in achieving that goal.”

“We established JetBlue Technology Ventures to expand upon JetBlue’s reputation as an innovative travel brand,” said Bonny Simi, President of JetBlue Technology Ventures. “As we further that mission, we are excited to expand our global reach and impact by building relationships with a like-minded travel partners across the travel and hospitality spectrum worldwide. Air New Zealand, with their focus on innovation and seeking creative solutions to industry challenges, is an excellent launch partner for the ecosystem.”

JTV expects to announce other travel and hospitality partners to join the ecosystem over the coming months. All partners will co-locate an innovation outpost in the JTV Silicon Valley location, creating a compelling ecosystem for startups in the expanding JTV portfolio of innovative startups.




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