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How Government Shutdown Impact on Operations at Orlando International Airport?

TSA Airport Security Control

It has been 3 weeks into the partial US government shutdown and some airports and their staff are beginning to feel some serious pain.

Miami International Airport (MIA) closed one of its terminals over the weekend in order to send TSA workers to busier checkpoints.

However, Orlando International Airport announced that there is currently seeing no distinct impact on operations as a result of the partial shutdown of the Federal Government. Airport personnel are monitoring conditions throughout the airport and are collaborating with government agencies to maintain a safe and efficient travel environment. Wherever possible, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is prepared to assist in any non-regulatory processes that will ease the flow of passenger traffic.

GOAA appreciates the dedication of the federal employees who continue to provide the highest level of service.

The partial US government shutdown, which began on December 22 and is now the longest ever, TSA officers missed their first paycheck on Friday.


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