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Easiest Way To Check If Your Hand Luggage will be accepted on Iberia

Iberia's Hand Luggage Allowance

Before your next Iberia flight, be sure to check if your hand luggage will be accepted. Rather than visiting and searching for information on the company's website, now there is an easier way to learn and be sure about it.

Iberia has added a new function to its smartphone app that enables customers to use their phones to check that the dimensions of their carry-on luggage are within the allowable limits.

After a quick scan with the phone, the app will instantly tell whether the bag can be carried on board or it must be checked-in.

This function, available for iOs devices, was developed using libraries dedicated to ARKit augmented reality.

Almost everything is possible with the app

Iberia’s app allows customers to manage their travel simply and easily, from  planning the trip to buying tickets, reserving a seat, and obtaining the boarding pass, plus such additional functions as: