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Cheapest and Most Expensive Airport Transfers in Europe

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There is a lot to consider when planning your perfect city getaway: the accommodation, sightseeing, travel and more. But what remains vital to the smooth running of a holiday, which many of us seem to overlook, is the airport transfer. Traveling to your hotel in an unknown city can be daunting, not to mention expensive.

To clear the air of uncertainty, airport transfers company Taxi2Airport.com revealed Europe's most travel-friendly cities by taking into consideration the average price to travel from the city center to the main airport (or vice versa) for 14 European capital cities. The price information includes price per mile, base fares, and distance*.

airport transfer prices European capitalsThe cheapest airport transfers in Europe

Lisbon, Portugal –is the cheapest city that travelers pay a mere €5.79 for a 5.4km journey from the city’s airport to the center.

In second place is Ankara - Turkey’s capital will set you back only €13.64 for a 26.5km journey.

Meanwhile, the remaining top countries for cheap travel are as follows:

Madrid (€18.56), Berlin (€20.10), Prague (€21.31), Vienna (€23.75) and Athens (€26.45).

The most expensive airport transfers in Europe

At a whopping €52.07 (20.8km journey), Amsterdam tops the table as the most expensive capital city to reach, from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The next most expensive city is, less surprisingly, London at €50.60 for 25.6km – dropping you off at London Heathrow.

In third place is Stockholm. The city’s low fares of €1.13 (and €4.22 base fee) are unfortunately canceled out by the distance required to reach its airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport (40.3km) – as such, the overall total becomes €49.76.

Finally, the remaining expensive cities are Bern (€43.84), Paris (€42.73), Rome (€36) and Brussels (€26.88).




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