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Automation at Moscow Domodedovo Airport for Customer Support

Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has brought in a voice bot to improve customer experience.

Passengers choose a topic and ask a question. To get in touch, use Domodedovo’s help desk number. The voice assistant provides the required information after clarifications or passes a call to a live agent.

Now callers can even more operationally check flights schedule, track its status, as well as check-in desks numbers 24/7. The voice bot relies on automatic speech recognition and speech synthesis, delivering high-quality support with automated conversations and providing passengers with information within 2 seconds.Moscow Domodedovo has collaborated with LLC Aviation Technologies of Communication to introduce the service.



The assistant takes 30% of calls to Domodedovo’s help desk now. Domodedovo is planning to further automate helpdesk and enable the voice bot to address more challenging customer issues.

Photo Credit: Alexey Prikhodko




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