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What Means of Transportation are Available for Bruges to Brussels Airport?

Means of Transportation

Bruges is just 108km away from the Brussels airport. They have 2 separate transfer options for distance coverage. It's either you take the train it a taxi. However, one is faster than the other. And that till be to take a taxi. 

There will be light traffic though and it will cost you close to 147 Euros - depending on your destination in Bruges. Taking the IC train, on the other side, is the cheapest way to transfer from the Brussels airport to Bruges.

The Fastest Transportation to Get from Bruges Station to Brussels Airport

Whenever you are in hurry to transport yourself from the Bruges station to the Brussels airport, the fastest means is to take a taxi. This will cost you between $14 to $21. The trip takes about one hour and four minutes. 

The Most Cost-effective Means  to Get from Bruges Station to Brussels Airport

Taking a bus is cost-effective in Bruges. To transfer from the Bruges station to Brussels airport using a bus will cost you between $8 and $11. But it takes two hours and a few minutes to get to your destination.

Transportation from Bruges to Brussels Airport By Taxi

As stated above, taking a taxi from Bruges to Brussels airport is the quickest way means of transportation. However, it's also the most expensive option.

Charges are not often flat-rate fees. They are based on a taximeter. It means that the cost of your journey will be around 147 Euro or so. Your cost of transportation will also be determined according to your location in Bruges. That is, where your accommodation is. With normal traffic, you will spend about seventy-three minutes on road.

Whenever you get to the arrival hall, especially when you are at the airport, there will be a line of taxis ready to offer their services. Most of these taxis are owned by different companies. So don't expect the same uniform. On the other hand, you will always see taxis within the location of your accommodation in Bruges. Many of them will be willing to drop you at the Brussels airport.


There are different means of transportation in Bruges that can get you to the Brussels airport. Transport by taxi is the fastest, and the most expensive. If you are not in a hurry, you can take a bus or a train. These are also cheaper.

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