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Passenger Opens Exit Door Mid-Air

Asiana Flight OZ8124

A door of an airplane opened mid-air in South Korea on Friday, leaving passengers with breathing difficulty.

A passenger aboard Asiana Airlines flight OZ8124 opened an emergency exit door just before landing at Daegu International Airport.

The aircraft was able to land safely and the passenger was taken into custody by local police.



“None of the 194 people aboard fell out of the plane or were hurt, but some panicked passengers showed symptoms of breathing difficulty and were taken to a hospital right after landing,” according to Yonhap News Agency.

Is it possible to open a door during a flight?

Opening an aircraft door during the majority of the flight is not possible due to cabin door design, which withstands tons of pressure generated inside the aircraft. However, during the descent for landing, the internal and external air pressures equalize at a low altitude, which allows the door to be opened. The passenger in question opened the door about 1 minute before the plane landed.





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