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Çelebi India Begins Ground Handling Services at Chennai International Airport

Çelebi India

Chennai International Airport welcomes a new era of ground handling services as Çelebi India announces the commencement of its operations.

This move promises airlines and passengers a seamless, high-quality experience, from terminal services to aircraft preparation.

Çelebi, known for its comprehensive support services, ensures that passengers receive a clean, comfortable, and safe flight. The company takes care of everything from baggage processing to pushing the aircraft onto the taxiway, ready for its journey.



The company has invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide top-notch ground handling services. By the end of the year, over 750 dedicated employees will be on board to guarantee timely and efficient services for both scheduled and non-scheduled airlines at domestic and international terminals.

Several airlines, including US Bangla Airlines and YTO Cargo, have already signed ground handling contracts with Çelebi for their operations at Chennai airport.



Mr. Tauseef Khan, CEO of Ground Handling Çelebi India, expressed his enthusiasm about the new venture. "Chennai Airport is a vital hub for travelers, and we're thrilled to enhance its efficiency," Khan said. He emphasized that the company's commitment to sustainability and capacity expansion is unparalleled. With advanced equipment and facilities, Çelebi aims to provide passengers with a smooth and exceptional experience.

Chennai marks the ninth airport in India for Çelebi, following their successful stints at major airports, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Çelebi India is also a pioneer in sustainability within the Indian ground handling sector. They have introduced eco-friendly services, including 100% electric air-conditioned tarmac coaches and electric baggage towing tugs. Their dedication aligns with the Indian aviation sector's goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

With this expansion into Chennai, Çelebi India continues to demonstrate its commitment to exceptional services and a greener future for Indian aviation.


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