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Emirates Ready To Welcome Tourists To Dubai

Emirates welcomes the latest air travel protocols that will facilitate international travel for UAE citizens, residents and tourists, and open Dubai to business and leisure visitors from 7 July, while putting in place careful measures to ensure the health and safety of travellers and communities.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Expands Flights to U.S.

Qatar Airways' commitment to the U.S. market has not waivered throughout this unprecedented crisis. While other airlines from the Gulf stopped operating, Qatar Airways has continued to work closely with the U.S. Government and airports to take over 160,000 stranded people home from Australasia, Africa, India and the Middle East.


Malta to Open Its International Airport to All Flight Destinations

Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that a further six countries have been added to the list of destinations for when the airport in Malta officially reopens on July 1, and that restrictions on all other flight destinations will be lifted on July 15th.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport Welcomes Back Travelers

As the Central Florida tourism industry continues to rebound, including the reopening of Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando International Airport welcomes back those pillars of the local economy and the flying public.

Lufthansa pilots

Personnel Surplus at Lufthansa Group Totals 22,000 Full-Time Positions

The Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG informed the representatives of the trade unions Verdi, VC and Ufo about the current personnel situation in the companies of the Lufthansa Group. This was followed by information to the Lufthansa works councils to whom concrete figures of personnel overcapacity were presented and explained in the Group Economic Committee.