ANA NEO Expands Metaverse Partnership with Sompo Japan


ANA NEO and Sompo Japan have signed an agreement to conduct a proof-of-concept (PoC) to develop products and services for ANA NEO's new metaverse services and Sompo Japan's expertise in insurance product development.

This will set a precedent as the first undertaking by an insurance company in Japan in the metaverse.

Through this partnership, the two companies will promote the development of services and content for the new era of Web 3.0-oriented services in ANA NEO’s Metaverse and contribute to the realization of safe, secure, and healthy lifestyles in the digital twin society.



“As we are in the development stages of our Metaverse offering, having Sompo Japan as a business partner who brings commercial knowledge and experience is critical to the full development of possibilities,” said Mitsuo Tomita, ANA NEO President and CEO.

“We are not limiting our thinking of what could be accomplished through products or services, and this partnership will be valuable to our forward thinking,” continued Tomita.

The metaverse allows people to engage in activities and interactions with avatars in a three-dimensional virtual space built on a virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) technology and blockchain technology infrastructure on computers and networks. By transcending geographical constraints, it is expected to increase consumer choices and create new relationships between businesses operators and consumers in various fields.

During this period of transformation and transition to the Web 3.0 (autonomous decentralized internet) society, the development of the metaverse is expected to bring new possibilities to our lifestyles, including financial services. 

ANA NEO plans to release its Metaverse offering starting with travel, and to aggressively expand its service areas to include all aspects of lifestyles. The importance of providing users with a safe and secure usage environment in the metaverse is growing, and by leveraging Sompo Japan's advanced product development capabilities in insurance and know-how in risk management, we will promote efforts to enable more users to enjoy a digital twin lifestyle.

Details of the partnership:

  • Sompo Japan will participate in ANA NEO's Metaverse project to verify various business cases centered on insurance and risk management.
  • Verification of marketability and business feasibility of insurance product development.
  • Verification of risk reality regarding transactions and compatibility of insurance products and related businesses.
  • Analysis of various data in ANA NEO's metaverse and verification of their usefulness and applicability.
  • Consideration of business collaboration and co-creation in other business areas beyond insurance and risk management.

ANA NEO and Sompo Japan will provide safe, secure, and healthy lifestyles through new experiential value in the metaverse, based on the results of this demonstration experiment as well. Through this alliance, ANA Group and Sompo Japan will further strengthen their relationship and accelerate further business development and business co-creation in the Web 3.0 society and metaverse market, which are expected to show high growth in the future. 

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