I love Turkish food!  Not only because it tastes delicious but also because it is truly local.

brenda_farrell.jpgTurkey is one of the few countries that can feed its entire population.

And, as Turkey becomes a more popular destination for North American travellers, so interest in Turkish cuisine is picking up and we are seeing more Turkish influences in local food stores, cafes and restaurants.

Several people have written to ask if I will be leading a culinary tour of Turkey in 2011.  Well ... in answer to that question, I do have several meetings lined up in October with my contacts in different regions of Turkey to discuss possibilities.  I don't believe that such an itinerary should just be about food, but I do believe that food is a looking glass into a culture and so it is important not to just taste food, but to also understand the origin and cultural relevance of ingredients and dishes.  And so, any itinerary will be designed with this and also the historic influence on the country's cuisine.

If you would me to keep you informed on culinary tours of Turkey, please contact me.