Take a tour of Antarctica with Peregrine Adventures and get a cabin discount

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Visiting Antarctica is an amazing adventure that few people get to experience. The trip lets you see native species including penguins, seals and majestic whales.

Antarctica-CruiseJoin Peregrine Adventures to take in the massive ice shelves, navigate through the infamous waters of Drake Passage and enjoy the breathtaking beauty at the bottom of the world.

Book a premium or standard cabin with Peregrine Adventures now to take advantage of an amazing discount that makes this trip more affordable than ever before.

Antarctic Explorer 2014-15

Start out your Antarctic Explorer tour to the mysterious, icy continent of Antarctica by visiting Ushuaia, Argentina. The unique city that serves as a port for cruises leaving for Antarctica offers travelers the opportunity to sample the delicious flavours of Argentinian wines and asado, a style barbecue in Argentina. This relaxed community with a population under 70,000 lets visitors pull out a chair and sip delicious coffees at small cafes while waiting for their cruise to leave for the icy expanse.

The changing weather conditions that define Antarctica make each adventure to the southernmost continent unique. Cruises navigate the waters through Drake Passage before arriving in Antarctica. You'll glimpse beautiful penguins, furry seals and massive whales as you take in the unique sights of a continent that is like no other.

Exploring Antarctica provides opportunities that you would never normally have the chance to take part in with such incredible surroundings, like taking a trek up an icy mountain or plunge into the freezing waters to make your holiday one that you'll truly never forget!

Antarctic-PeninsulaCrossing the Circle via Falklands & South Georgia 2014-15

Are you looking for an extended holiday in Antarctica? Peregrine Adventure’s Antarctic adventure ensures you won't miss any of the fun in the icy continent. You'll start out in Ushuaia, but the extended duration of this holiday means that you'll get to see and experience more.

Setting out on the sea is a thrill that feels like nothing else. You'll get to spot unique species of seabirds and whales that let you know you're on your way to an exotic land. A stop in the Falkland Islands lets you get a last taste of civilization by throwing back a pint in the pub before you embark on your adventure.

Knowledgeable experts who have spent years studying the wildlife of Antarctica join you on the cruise. These experts can tell you every last detail about the unique plants and animals that you'll spot during your trip.

The most unique part of this cruise is the crossing of the Antarctic Circle. You get to be one of the few people who can boast this achievement when you set sail for Antarctica with Peregrine. 

One of the best features of a cruise to Antarctica is that the inspiring beauty of the continent makes each trip a brand new experience. A limited-time discount lets you save up to $1,650 on a thrilling adventure to Antarctica. Explore the dazzling ice shelves from the comfort of a luxury liner with the Antarctic 2014 sale from
Peregrine Adventures. Book by February 28 to make a once-in-a-lifetime experience become a reality during your next holiday.


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