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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to have its own airline

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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has purchased a fleet of aircraft to support its extensive new worldwide fly-cruise programme. Fred. Olsen Air flights start on 1st April 2017 from all UK airports.

The new fly-cruise programme launched with a spectacular array of over 50 new fly-cruise holidays across the globe, with durations from 14 to 38 nights. To support this increased focus on fly-cruise and to complement its on board cruise offering, Fred. Olsen has chosen to take the ambitious step of purchasing a fleet of aircraft.

Justin Stanton, Sales and Marketing Director for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said, “The formation of ‘Fred. Olsen Air’ seemed a logical step for us, to enable us to offer guests a seamless Fred. Olsen holiday experience from start to finish.”

Fred. Olsen’s new fleet of aircraft – the exact model and quantity of which have yet to be disclosed – are to be named along the same lines as Fred. Olsen’s cruise ship fleet, and will all start with the letter ‘B’. The first aircraft to be unveiled by Fred. Olsen is to be called ‘Bader’, as a tribute to Sir Douglas Bader, the renowned WW2 pilot.

Speculation that Fred. Olsen’s second aircraft is to be called either ‘Barbie’ or ‘Biggles’ following an online poll has not been confirmed (although a source has reported that a large amount of pink paint has been delivered to a hangar at London Heathrow).

Fred. Olsen’s onboard flight experience is expected to include a unique new seating configuration down the centre of the aircraft, and guests will be able to walk around the edge and enjoy the views, whilst being able to exercise at the same time – in keeping with the ‘promenade deck’ concept across Fred. Olsen’s cruise fleet.

A selection of dining times will be available, and guests who travel in First Class will be expected to wear Black Tie. Captain’s Table dining will be limited, due to the Captain’s operational duties, and may have to take place in the cockpit, so that the Captain can keep a check on the controls.

Jacuzzis have been excluded from the onboard leisure experience, as the water jet function was found to interfere with the aircraft’s electronic system. However, spa treatments will be available and shops will be open on board within international air space.

For guests wishing to upgrade, Balcony seating will be available, but only at the rear of the aircraft, to avoid drafts.

For guests on a budget, ‘Interior’ seats are available in the hold area of the aircraft, along with the luggage (guests are advised to wrap up warm).

We learnt on April 3rd that this is not a real story but April Fools’ Day’ joke. Who knows maybe in future Frad. Olsen Cruise Lines will also launch its own airlines company as Crystal Cruises did before







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