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CBD for Pets: What Does it Help With and Where Can I Find It?

CBD for Pets

As a pet owner, you understand the important role natural supplements can play in keeping your pet healthy and active. You may even have experience treating ailments with supplements like glucosamine and fish oil.

However, certain products are poorly understood as they were used for far less time. CBD for pets is a relatively new addition to the natural health supplement market.

Most pets find CBD easier to take than traditional cannabis, but this is because it has been transformed into hemp-extracted oils. In some countries, it is legal to buy CBD for pets online, and there are dozens of online pet retailers that offer products containing cannabidiol. But where can you find CBD for animals in your local area?

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD Products for Pets?

Cannabidiol is an ingredient in many cannabis products that are marketed for pets. It may have potential health benefits and is worth considering as a natural alternative to traditional medications. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in regulating functions like sleep and immune response by interacting with the brain’s receptors. It is thought to help with various issues, including anxiety, pain, inflammation, and seizures.

In addition to traditional CBD products, such as oils and treats, there are also CBD-infused pet products available, such as shampoos, sprays, and balms. These products can be applied topically to help with specific issues, such as skin irritation or joint pain. It may also have anti-cancer properties and be able to improve the overall quality of life for pets. However, more research is needed to understand the potential benefits of the substance fully and to determine safe and effective dosage levels.



Any Side Effects?

There are only a few adverse reactions that your furry friend can experience from CBD products, but they're vital to be aware of.

Pets can experience an increase in thirst and urination when they take CBD—which means you may see an increase in the amount of water they drink or the number of times they go to the bathroom. This is a normal reaction, so there's no cause for concern. Just keep an eye on your pet's water intake, and make sure they're well-hydrated at all times.

Some pets may also experience mild nausea after taking CBD, which is nothing to worry about either. A few owners have even reported their dogs vomiting after using CBD products—but this has been very rare. If your dog does throw up after taking CBD, simply stop giving them any more until the symptoms disappear entirely.

Although there is no evidence that CBD causes harm to pets at all, it's best to keep them away from it if they have health issues like epilepsy or cancer (or if they've had previous negative reactions to marijuana).

Helpful Tip

If you're interested in giving your furry friends CBD, it's crucial to start small. Start with a smaller amount of CBD-infused product, and watch your pet to see how they react. If they seem to be doing well, feel free to increase the amount of the remedy you give them. If your pet becomes nauseous or vomits after taking a small amount of CBD, stop giving them the product and consult a veterinarian before trying again.

Where to Buy CBD Products for Pets

If you've come this far, you're likely wondering where to buy CBD for your pet. There are many options out there—and we're going to break down the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision about where to buy CBD for your furry friend.


If the cost is your main concern, this is definitely the way to go! Many people prefer to buy CBD for pets online because they can get it more cheaply and quickly than if they went into a brick-and-mortar store. But buying online also comes with its own set of hassles. For example, you may have to pay for shipping, which can add another $10 or so to the price of your purchase. And then there's the wait time—if you order from an online retailer on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (or any other major holiday), it could take up to two weeks for your package to arrive!

On the other hand, online retailers offer deals and discounts on certain brands or products on Black Friday too! So if you're planning on stocking up for the holidays and don't mind waiting a bit longer than usual for your order, this could be a good option for you.

In comparison to other options, online shops offer the broadest range of products—so if there's something specific that you need but can't find in stores near you (or even at all), an online retailer might be able to help out!

Pet Store

If you're looking to buy CBD for your pets, you might be tempted to head to the local pet store and pick up some dog treats or cat food that has CBD in it. Local pet stores will often carry high-quality products at competitive prices. But before you do, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, local pet stores often charge more than online retailers. That might not seem like a big deal—but if you're buying CBD for your pet regularly, that can add up fast.

Second, they also might not carry all the brands or products that online retailers do (which means fewer sales). This is because different manufacturers make different products, and sometimes their products are only available through certain distributors. So if you have a particular brand or product in mind, it's worth checking out what's available at an online retailer before heading out to the store, where you might end up paying more than necessary for your pet's health care needs.


If you're looking to buy CBD for your pet at a dispensary, there are a few things you should know. First, you'll probably want to make sure that the dispensary is well-stocked with the products you need. If not, they can order them for you and have them ready for pick-up in a few days.

Second, some dispensaries are better than others when it comes to customer service—and this may be especially true if you're trying to get help from someone who's not a budtender! If you're lucky enough to have a dispensary that has an on-staff vet or an animal nutritionist on hand, you may be able to get all of the information you need right away and also get recommendations on which products might be best for your pet's specific needs.

Third, if you're dealing with an unfamiliar brand and want advice on dosage or other details of use (like whether or not your pet can eat while taking CBD), it's best to ask someone who knows what they're talking about! And if it turns out that they don't know much about CBD or pets? You might want to consider going somewhere else—there are plenty of options out there!

Finding CBD for Pets Near Me: Things to Consider

When shopping for CBD products for your pet, it is important to consider the specific needs of your animal. For example, a smaller dog may require a lower dosage of CBD than a more giant dog. Be sure to read the label carefully and follow the recommended dosage. It is also a good idea to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase it if necessary.

Overall, it is suggested to do your research. To make it more efficient, stick to the following guidelines:

  • Choose a reputable brand, as the quality and purity of CBD products can vary greatly. Even going through a typical CBD for pets review will be helpful.
  • Look for third-party lab tests on the packaging of any product before purchasing it. This will help ensure that it has been tested for contaminants like pesticides, mold, heavy metals, or other harmful chemicals that may compromise its effectiveness.
  • Find out where the hemp plant was grown — whether in China or Europe, where there are strict regulations around growing hemp — if possible. You want something grown in America because we have very stringent laws about how much THC can be present in any food product made from hemp seeds which means they rarely contain any at all!
  • Consult with your veterinarian, and choose a high-quality product to ensure the safety and effectiveness of CBD for your furry friend.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to remember that CBD for pets is still a relatively new field, and research on its effectiveness is still ongoing. However, we are seeing more and more studies that show how this compound can be helpful in treating various conditions in animals. If you have concerns about your animal's health or behavior, talk with your veterinarian about CBD as an option. It may not be right for every animal or situation. However, it could provide relief from pain or anxiety symptoms without side effects like prescription drugs do!


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