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Health + Spa

Seychelles is free of pneumonic plague

Seychelles fromboatAll samples from patients suspected to be ill with the pneumonic plague in Seychelles have been tested at a partner laboratory of the World Health Organisation in Paris and they are all negative, the Ministry of Health confirmed on Wednesday.

Qantas aims to improve passengers’ inflight health and wellness

A group of Qantas customers will participate in a study on inflight health and wellness between the national carrier and one of Australia’s leading academic institutions. The University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) brings together researchers from a variety of fields, from metabolic health and physical activity to nutrition and sleep.

Qantas economy class

Aman Le Melezin reopens with the launch of a new Spa and NAMA Restaurant

On 15 December, Aman Le Melezin will reopen for the alpine ski season and mark its 25th anniversary by unveiling a new holistic 800 square metre spa, dedicated to rebalancing both body and mind. Following the recent refurbishment of all rooms and suites in 2016, the new spa will bring two summer seasons worth of works to a close and will provide an extensive wellness sanctuary for guests to ensconce themselves after an exhilarating day on the slopes.

Aman Le Melezin ext

Beauty & Wellness Expo opens at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

hkk beauty wellness expoLaunched last year, the Beauty & Wellness Expo returns with more than 80 exhibitors featuring a wide selection of skincare, hair care, spa massage and nail products. For the first time, the Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Hong Kong has brought 15 local enterprises to present their latest beauty products, as well as organised the inaugural Cosmetics KOL Competition.

India to promote Ayurveda for International Medical Tourism

AyurvedaIndia’s Ministry of Tourism has recognized Medical and Wellness Tourism including Ayurveda as a Niche product in order to overcome the aspect of ‘seasonality’ and to promote India as a 365 days’ destination and attract tourists with specific interest.

Health Warning to Hajj Pilgrims

ABH LogoHealth experts from the Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK, a National Hajj/Umrah specific organisation working for the welfare and wellbeing of pilgrims, have issued a warning to Hajj pilgrims around the world who will converge at Makkah during the next few weeks to perform annual Hajj pilgrimage, that they must safeguard their health from the risk of deadly infectious diseases.

Smart bacteria causing gonorrhoea is hard or impossible to treat

gonorrhoeaWorld Health Organization (WHO) announced a bacteria that cause gonorrhoea, which is a common sexually-transmitted infection, is much harder, and sometimes impossible, to treat. Dr Teodora Wi, Medical Officer, Human Reproduction, at WHO said that these bacteria are particularly smart. Every time we use a new class of antibiotics to treat the infection, the bacteria evolve to resist them.

World’s Worst Cholera Epidemic in Yemen

cholera yemenHealth experts from the Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH), a national Hajj specific organisation, express their grave concern of the rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen which has exceeded 200,000 suspected cases, increasing at an average of 5000 a day. The world is now facing the worst cholera outbreak ever.

AmaWaterways has a New Wellness Program on board

AmaWaterways wellnessIn celebration of Global Wellness Day, AmaWaterways has launched a wellness program onboard AmaLyra Paris & Normandy sailings. The program – led by “Sports Scientist” Selina Wank (pictured) – features four to six classes daily, including morning stretches, jogging, yoga, cardio and core strengthening and circuit training. Activities will be complemented by discussion groups with a focus on healthy eating and relaxation techniques.