Join Anna Baignoche, an accomplished Canadian musician and song leader, on a musical adventure, singing your way through history and making a musical connection with the Turkish people and the ancient land of Turkey.

brenda_farrell.jpgIt is a natural human impulse to sing, and much to some peoples' disbelief, everyone can do it!  It is how we express ourselves as individuals and as a community. Singing is enlivening, liberating, and connecting. Allowing ourselves to sing freely in our environment is the basis for this musical collective.  On this unique tour, you will travel experientially, singing through the landscape of Turkey; from the desert moonscape of Cappadocia, to the ancient ruins of Ephesus, to the bustling streets of Istanbul. Singing songs from around the world as well as connecting with local musicians and learning Turkish songs, you will experience Turkey through song.

Anna B. leads Local Vocals, a 90 member singing group in Vancouver. She is also a performer, teacher, and a graduate student in the Ethnomusicology Department at the University of British Columbia.

Tour A: May 16 - May 23 2011 - Musical Tour  €1239 per person, sharing

Tour B (Option) May 23 - June 1 2011 - Yachting Experience €1039 per person, sharing

Please note:  all prices in Euros.

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