We start New Year with new hopes however unrest that started in North African countries affected world tourism.

Suat ToreWe always write same thing; tourism can be done in peaceful environments. First visit to Tunisia was from Turkish tourism professionals lead by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB). Turkish tourism professionals met with their colleagues in Tunisia; promised to support them and signed new business agreements.

After Tunisia, Egypt faced similar political unrest and we believe that again first visit to the country will be done by tourism professionals. Turkish tourism professionals and travelers flock to the Egypt stand at EMITT tourism fair held in Istanbul held in February 2011. Mid of February, unrest started in Libya. In spite of everything, Libya attended BIT-Milano travel fair with a large stand and received support from their colleagues abroad.

Of course, everyone respects the people of the countries that seek a better life and more democracy.

Beyond respect, tourism professionals and travelers bring peace and serenity to these countries.