Why do we travel? It can be expensive, dangerous, tiring and unnecessary, yet we plan our lives so that we can travel.

sevil-orenThe 21st century is ready to be called the CENTURY OF TRAVEL. The form of travel in the past centuries was different but always present in one form or another. First it was to discover other lands to settle, than it was wars to capture other lands that seemed greener and fertile. The new discoveries speeded up the act of traveling and the desire of learning about new cultures, customs, and cuisine become so strong that traveling became a second nature for the citizens of the world. Regardless of the effects of the climate change, lack of security in certain destinations, the desire to travel grew. The world and its citizens wanted to come closer and know each other better.

This desire to travel exceeded its boundaries in itself and tourism became a force that can and could shape the future economic growth of the nations. The economic value of tourism grew with the increase of travel and started molding the social, economic, diplomatic relations and behavior of the nations. Distances came closer with fast trains, good roads, luxury cruises, and comfortable, wide-bodied aircraft. Travel/Tourism industry became the fastest-growing economic sector in the world. The new excitement and craze was Traveling to unexplored regions, living unexpected experiences. Tourism became the new  ism of this century, with dedicated followers of this travel cult.

When traveling your dimensions change, you jump into a totally different time zone. The hurries and worries can be left behind. There is hope in traveling of reaching to a destination that might change your life and bring unexpected happiness and pleasures making the life endurable. It is as if escaping from ones own prison. Freedom, mystery, challenge, fright, fulfillment are some of the defining words of travel that has given life to tourism.

21st century is definitely the century of travel bringing prosperity to nations through the power of tourism that is and will shape further the future of nations that have the capacity to serve the demands of the traveling humans in all levels and situations.

Sevil Ören