Perhaps the first prerequisite for sustainable tourism is the continuity of people.

suat2People should not change their positions until they complete their duties. Therefore we desired Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Günay to continue as the minister after the elections in June.

Tourism is a vulnerable sector. Problems in the sector require fast positive results. People who have experience and knowledge about the sector can solve problems in optimum time and solution.

Successful countries in tourism work in most efficient way not only with their remaining ministers but also all staff at ministries working for many years.

Tourism Ministry established in 1957 in Turkey. Since that time, the longest-serving minister is Ertugrul Günay.

Ertugrul Günay became the Culture and Tourism Minister of Turkey in August 2007 and still continues his title.

That’s why we are happy and hopeful of a better tourism in future of Turkey!

Suat Tore