FTNnews.com had chance to ask some questions to Ms. Kalbiye Noyan; Director of Turkish Tourism in France.

kalbiye-noyanFTNnews: Could you please tell me about your market for 2011 as arrivals and general conditions?

1.044.123 of 28.665.052 foreign tourists coming to Turkey between January and October 2011 were French. Between the same months of the year 2010, 850.393 of 25.975.296 foreign tourists coming to Turkey were French. In comparison to 2010 we depict an increase of 22% in 2011 for French tourists. It is thought that at the end of 2011, the figures for French tourists will be more than 1.100.000.

FTNnews: Your target for 2012?

It is considered that in 2012 the numbers of French tourists will reach at least 1.200.000.

FTNnews: What is your marketing programme in 2012?

The promotion budget given to Paris Culture and Information Service of Turkish Embassy by our Ministry in 2012 is 1.100.000$. According to the improvements of the last years, we think that it would be efficient to undertake promotional activities by internet in France and for that purpose we consider developing an active website and giving advertisements and links to the most visited websites. We will also organise press trips according to the demands of the French media. These press trips are planning selectively in collaboration with our public and press relation agency.

FTNnews: How many exhibitions do you attend in 2012?

In 2012, we will participate in 12 different tourism exhibitions in order to promote our country.