Another difficulty year is passed. Economic crisis felt worldwide and especially in European countries. Thus holidaymakers become more selective and careful at their travels.

suattore angkorwatAccording to news, the same condition will continue in world travel industry in 2012.

Holidaymakers will carefully use their travel budget, will seek value for money, and focus on different tourism products.

While tourism trends will be realized within that direction in 2012, tourism products such as cruising, adventure, exploration, learning and activity holidays will become important.

Motorcycle tours, visits to places that get popular with TV series & movies, space and Titanic tours for wealthy travelers will be realized in 2012.

According to family budgets, travelers will prefer vacation rentals in 2012 and will enjoy their holidays by renting an apartment. Holidays will be combined with incentive tours such as; businessman visiting a congress or a sports fan visiting a city will extend their stay in the city for their holiday. Travelers will travel to London, rent an apartment, follow the Olympics and have their holiday in London at the same time.

Travelers will prefer the locations that they had previously been so that they will minimize risks of having bad surprises. Advices at social media will receive more importance for future travel plans.

Cheaper destinations especially Asian Pacific countries will be ones of the most favored destinations to visit.

Wishing all a happy 2012 with full of tourism.

Suat Tore