Cruise tourism is around 20 billion dollar industry in the world and is growing 7.4% annually as a popular tourism category in the last 20 years, cruises on Expedia have seen a dramatic increase in popularity, and you can find virtually any coastal destination you desire, including Turkey.

suat2Although our country is surrounded by seas on three sides are far behind in the cruise tourism competition; a growing demand for cruise tourism is seen from the 2000s. In the last 10 years, Turkey's annual growth rate remained above the world average in Cruise Tourism which takes place at luxury cruise ships and appeal to people belong to higher income class. In the last 8 years, the number of cruise ships visiting Turkish ports increased 83%, and number of arriving tourists increased by 276%. While 887 cruise ships visited Turkey with a total of 582 thousand passengers in 2003, 1623 cruise ships docked in Turkish ports with 2.2 million passengers in 2011.

In New Focus Travel Magazine July issue we are presenting you the opinions, deficiencies, necessary arrangements need to be done from the eyes of Turkish establishments working in the cruise tourism industry.