One of Turkey’s most experienced travel guide; Şerif Yenen premieres a documentary film “Istanbul Unveiled”, which he produced and directed.

istanbul-unveiledYenen says, “Visitors do not like to be called "tourists" nor do they want to be treated as tourists. The idea of being a tourist has come to connote being taken to pre-arranged events and to shops or locations where locals are well-experienced in dealing with foreigners, eliminating the possibility of spontaneity or sincere interaction with people.”

Yenen adds, “Approximately 99% of visitors coming to İstanbul spend an average of two and a half days and see only the highlights: the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar. We have to do much better than this. We cannot possibly ignore these highlights, but we want to avoid the beaten path of mass tourism and put the emphasis on showing the real İstanbul and real İstanbulians”.

Keeping this in mind, Yenen produced and directed “Istanbul Unveiled”. At the film, a young American woman visits İstanbul, interviewing interesting characters in both popular and out of the way settings, about topics we have all wondered about. The film highlights iconic places to visit, as well as some unique sites off the beaten path, all framed though interviews with a cross-section of residents that range from a noted belly dancer to a masseur at a bath to one of the nation’s richest women.

The documentary film is already screened at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington on December 10, 2013, at the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC and at the American Turkish Association of Washington DC (ATA-DC).

The Istanbul screening will be on Monday, March 17.