What are the incentives of destination demand for today’s traveler?

sevil-orenThe answer is definitely Cultural Heritage and Archeology in today’s tourists.

Somehow the combination of the above two plus the Alternative Tourism possibilities like trekking on the steps of the past generations and/or climbing to see the archaeological places makes it more exciting for the 21st century traveler.

They are accompanied by their clever electronic devices to share the wonders of the places they visit with their unknown international connections.

Therefore the past is not past tense anymore it is the life that we live now embraced with our cultural heritage and amazing archeology.

Turkey is so rich in both of these that we sometimes forget their value to share this Cultural Heritage and Archeology with the world, which in truth is Heritage that belongs to the formation of the World from ancient times. It is World Cultural Heritage that has to pass on to future generations.

Between 10-14 September 2014 Istanbul is going to host the 20th European Archaeologists Association Congress.

The Istanbul Congress will be held at Istanbul Technical University. EAA is among the most important and respectable organizations for the conservation of the Cultural Heritage and Archeology.

The Istanbul Congress has attracted great attention from the world and there will be attendance from 74 countries.

The main subject of the Congress is; “Connecting Seas, Cultural Relations without Borders”

You can find further information from the web site www.eaa2014istanbul.org

Sevil Ören