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Turkish Airlines pilot crashes into passenger jet bridge

thy crash passengerbridge

Passengers on board a Turkish Airlines flight at Helsinki Airport were given a shock when their plane crashed into the passenger jet bridge. Flight TK1425 from Istanbul to Helsinki landed the airport at 11.45pm local time in Finland and headed to the gate crashed into the passenger jet bridge.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, a passenger on board the Airbus A320, Jonathan Khoo said, “I heard kind of a rumbling then a metal crunch; most people didn't know anything happened unless they were on the left side. I peered out the window and saw what had happened.

Mr. Khoo claimed that the captain said, "Due to technical reasons the jet bridge cannot be connected to the aircraft,".

The total delay was believed to be only around 15 minutes after ground staff called for buses to take the passengers to the terminal.

Dr. Ali Genc, SVP Media Relations Turkish Airlines told MailOnline Travel: 'Turkish Airlines plane flight TK1425 hit a passenger jet bridge at Helsinki Airport on Saturday, March 16, after landing.

'The necessary investigation on the incident is continuing.'

Source: Daily Mail







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