World is talking miraculous wins of Turkish National Football Team at Euro Cup 2008.

Turkey that won the games at last minutes after conceding a goal, are now known as the comeback kings. People describe this as miracle however it is not a miracle.


We continue our struggle to the end at subject that we believe in.


People who know about Turkish history can understand this.

Turkey’s land is also won in similar way. Countries that conquered all parts of Turkey at the beginning of 20th century know this very well.


Struggle and fight of Father of Turks; Atatürk and sons to regain lost lands is a great example to today’s high efforts of football players on the green fields.


We; Turks struggle to the end in subjects we believe in. Our struggles also exist against wrongdoings. People that submit inconceivable and unequal allegations for Turkey’s accession to EU should not forget Turkey’s ambition for success.


They are the sons of Atatürk. They will continue their struggle for their country both at football and tourism.














Suat Töre