ISUZU NOVO, the new power is at the arena ready to fight for its place in the market, even with its other products. Power comes from the heart is the way they define themselves.

When I look back in time, I can see that I have understood the “power/heart” togetherness of ISUZU so many years ago when I was living in Australia. At the time, they had very handsome looking family cars and we bought one. As this was our first family car in Australia/Sydney I had a special interest in following the development of the ISUZU Brand in years. When I came back to Turkey in 1971 nobody knew about this new name in the market.  I kept on telling that it was a very useful family car, with a heart that made you feel welcome on board whenever traveling long or short distances together. It was also somehow fuel friendly.


In years ISUZU was all over the world, it was there to stay and stay strong because it had a HEART and the POWER was coming from that. It s the people that give heart to a product and I believe that all over the world, the employees of ISUZU believe and love their product regardless of their positioning in the Company.


Anatolian Isuzu is marking its presence with the NOVO family now.


We were present at the introduction of the ISUZU NOVO and found it to be the MOST  with its three models;

NOVO      NOVOlux       NOVOultra


The expectations of the customers were  studied in detail, the full European Standards applied, ISUZU NOVO was created to take its place in the arena to prove its strength, satisfaction level, desired European Standards.


21st century is keen on returning to nature for survival and stop destroying humanity by the emission of dangerous fuel.


Tourism has turned its face to sustainability and ecological life style and products.


ISUZU NOVO is here to prove the above points by the standards set in its creation to serve the public needs.















Sevil Ören