July 2009 shall mark the “Turkiye Season” in France, creating a “Reason to visit Turkiye”.

With the support of Foreign Relations and Cultural Ministries of France and Turkiye  and the co-operation of Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation and Culture France, Turkiye Season in France shall start in July, 2009. Turkiye shall have the opportunity to present her cultural-art energy full of diversity, variety and creativity to the  French population.


The seasonal activities shall be performed as of July at Paris, Marseille,Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux.


The Turkiye Season at France shall start on the 1st of July and will end at 31st March 2010. During this period of 9 months there will be more than 400 projects covered at almost all over France showing the present day dynamism of Turkiye in arts and culture to the peoples of France.


Taldans Group shall perform “Documentary” at Montpellier Dance Festival on 1st of July. The same day Sirin Pancaroglu shall perform the first performance of “Sultan’s Harps” together with Baroque Nomade XVIII-XXI, the French group, at the Printemps des Arts Festival at Nantes.


This special projects aims at co-operative music   project development of artist from Turkiye, France and other countries, Sirin Pancaroglu shall perform again on 8th October at Paris Petit Palais within the scope of this project. Radio France will broadcast this concert of 8th October.


Lille shall host Istanbul between 3-5 July at “Midi-Midi” .


On 4th July Saturday night Mercan Dede shall perform the Sufi Music at the Trocadero at Paris, followed by the Anatolian Fire dance group.


6-14 July at the Paris Cinema, Turkiye will be the guest of honor. There will be 30 films from Turkiye at this festival.


The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delance shall present the “Vermeil Medallion” to Nuri Bilge Ceylan.


Also at Paris there will be a Turkish Coffee meeting place at the Tuileries gardens of the Louvre Museum, architectural design created by Han Tumertekin at an area of 600 m2, which will serve as the meeting place of the Turkiye Season.


On 17th July, Kudsi Erguner and his group called “The Bohemians of the Thrace” will give a concert for the opening of this place. There will be dance, puppet show , concerts and the photography exhibition of Cemal Emden “Istanbul Emotion”.


Within the concept of the Turkish Coffee there shall be taste and conversation accompanying the programme.


This is a Season for a Good Reason and hopefully culture and arts shall start the “Winds of Mutual Creativity in Culture and Arts” for a fruitful relationship in all respects between France and Turkiye.


www.saisondelaturquie.fr; www.iksv.org





















Sevil Ören