Closer and closer international connections coupled with an accelerating rate of change means that worldwide expertise is essential. It is a vital fact that you need specialists: to observe worldwide social, political and economic trends, currency fluctuations, interest rates and stock market developments, and tourism trends that are closely related to these items. The right conclusions, locally and globally, can only be achieved through accessing powerful networks which can open up new perspectives for the developing nations. As we have just seen, developed nations can fall into economic traps which create economic and social earthquakes for the whole world. If applied by experts with a vision, a peedy Communication, Scepticism, Decision and Action approach should create the necessary crisis survival strategy. Conventional wisdom and reliance on historical precedent is not a good guide for the immediate future. In Turkey, a long period of good times has dulled concern about risk. In the world, many alternative strategies have been developed to counteract new threats - climate change, oil price instability, volatile consumer choices. Investment is required, risks must be taken, alternative ways of doing business established.

We can immediately sum up the situation in tourism: Ordinary Tourism might and probably will suffer from the economic crisis for a period of time but, with decisive action and investments, could emerge stronger. If properly managed and promoted, Alternative Tourism and Eco-Tourism will give life back to the tourism sector in the short/long period.

The wisdom of the 21st century should be based on three simple wishes; Good Health, Moderate Wealth, Sincere Happiness.















Sevil Oren