The effect of the economic crises on our lives will be visible or invisible depending on the development of various situations.

The MICE Industry should be ready for difficult times. During times of crisis, when corporate managements are facing collapse, it could be, for a period of time, difficult to hold meetings, incentives, congress and exhibitions. Sponsors might think twice about promises of support, advertisements might be thought unnecessary. However, this kind of mass hysteria is itself dangerous and hazardous to the economy and can deepen the crisis into recession. What should be done is to stay calm, be better friends with the neighbors and offer imaginative alternative tourism vacations to nearer destinations. An alternative and sustainable eco-friendly life-style is usually cheaper and more rewarding, especially when spending has to be carefully considered. Trekking to religious destinations, seeking butterflies and watching the routes of migrating birds, indulging in flower expeditions in the hills or valleys, sailing the worries away on a yacht with the family and friends could be much more rewarding in these difficult times. This sort of complete change of lifestyle can enable people to reassess and re-value their lives.

The "Golden Grey Groups", less affected by the economic crisis, have the time, interest and money to do these things. Niche groups of relaxed, "no worries" people are stimulated by natural settings, complemented by fine dining, elegant boutique hotels and good concerts and folk festivals. Festivals, if truly representing local culture, are a reliable asset for cultural tourism and offer a unique insight into the arts and traditions of the city where they take place. Museums, arts centers, local handcrafts and clothing will hold the interest of the tourist who is able to escape from the economic problems of the world. High-quality local, organic food, cooked and presented with talent and taste will make visitors remember their holiday. Many people need and want to take some time off from the current depressing difficulties; by visiting a close neighbor with a friendly welcoming attitude they can gain positive energy to confront the prevailing conditions.











 Sevil Oren