Feelings are the most difficult things to handle especially during times of difficulty. To believe in oneself and stop indulging in the negative aspect of events is the first step to moving ahead.

Negative mass-psychology can ruin businesses, nations and the world. Over-consumption and spending obesity has led us into a crisis of confidence or negative mass-psychology. When the crash of the Obese Economy slows credit and affects production, the dilemma of how to stop overspending and return to self-sufficiency is at the door. Somehow, the innocent and mostly ignorant people of the world have been directed to spending money they haven't earned, by means of too-large mortgages, shopping for the sake of shopping, spending with plastic cards. It all seemed so innocent, but now they feel trapped and about to perish as a result of their free-spending craze. There is a price to be paid, but with no more credit, nobody knows what to do.


Then PANIC takes hold. People rescue their money from the banks, stop shopping, eating out, buying, travelling. Now the negative cycle has begun; factories and businesses start working with less employees and the word goes around that there is unemployment; businesses and enterprises are crashing. To some extent this could be true, the money stops moving freely, even the monetary system can be tired and most likely is taking a rest. The wise governments are ready for that, they do not panic. They have back-up systems to keep going and staying alive and alert. These are the governments that have not sold off or destroyed their own resources for quick money for quick political results. If their own soil is still able to feed them, there is no reason to fear. The fertility of the land is the real power of a nation. The villagers that produce wheat, olive and olive oil, nuts, tea, rice, barley, fruit and vegetables, plants and herbs, animals to feed and to be fed are the real powers of a nation. Any nation that can feed herself cannot be pulled down easily in kind of crisis. Governments that have ignored this fact are prone to suffer and their people will be hurt by the economic crisis.


The summary is, don’t stop, don't despair - move on. Do not cut expenses but negotiate and find the middle way; don’t stop the system. Be active in the market, don’t hang back and hesitate. The orders might be less, the market hesitant but only for a while and silence at these times is the most dangerous attitude to take. This is the time to show that “YOU ARE STILL HERE TO STAY”.


It is now more than ever important to give and get HOPE.













Sevil Oren