As of this month, we shall meet here giving news of the MICE world.

Are we that old? Eight Thousand Years of Istanbuli, The oldest Europeans is the new exciting topic for us and for the world. Yes, Turkey is very rich in archeology and ancient culture and civilizations but this recent news is so important for the world of archeology.


Sailing/Yachting has a lot of contribution to alternative tourism, therefore, the 1st ATATURK CUP was realized at the Moda Yacht Club in July, 2008. Its importance comes from the fact that Moda Yacht Club has been established by the wish of ATATURK for the Turkish youth to develop their sailing / yachting skills by racing with the “Winds of Peace” , he knew that the sea and sea sports would calm down a war- tired society and bring elegance and style to the new Republican social life. Moda Yacht Club served this mission in social life and since 1997 started to race again with the organizations of Turkish Offshore Racing Club and this year with the Istanbul Sailing Club organization of the 1st ATATURK CUP Race. The Navy Commander Admiral Ugur Yigit and the Navy Officials honored the event with their presence.


The Coruh Valley Development sponsored by UNDP and Efes Pilsen is full of many alternative tourism possibilities, like trekking, rafting, canoeing and bicycling.


The Kackar area is a very good example to the “Slow Food” movement that is the new movement against fast and unhealthy food. Slow food and Slow Cities is also a new and very environmentally clever issue that the world tourism agenda has taken seriously for a healthier and sane living. Use the bicycle in the crowded cities and eat properly cooked, organic food. There will be a meeting on this , at the end of October at Turin-Italy.


Another sea sport done with human and wind power is Wind-Surf and the best place for that is Alacati / Izmir, which has become the rising star in boutique tourism. We have this enchanting small village as a paradise for Wind-Surfers. Stone houses that have been turned into boutique home/hotels are so cozy and relaxing with narrow streets, friendly cafes, full of smiling people.


As this part of the world is getting ready for the winter, we will be busy attending the various Tourism Fairs and events all over the world for the promotion of Turkey with our magazines, to the best of our capacity, and bring the new events/happening/trends to Turkey to secure our place in the especially Alternative Tourism Area, that has become the fashion in the world of tourism these days. It is a houte couture event, with eco-tourism, sustainable tourism as an inseparable factor of the Alternative Tourism.


See you in November.












Sevil Ören